The Full Stack

Clean Fuels Company

Over the last decade, we have transformed into India’s leading Full Stack Clean Fuels company from a biogas startup in 2012, and are spearheading India’s energy transition using green fuels.

GPS Renewables was founded in the year 2012 by two IIM-B graduates – Mainak Chakraborty and Sreekrishna Sankar with the objective of solving the menace of waste that is rapidly growing and polluting the environment. As a result, GPSR began as a biogas company offering one of the most efficient and captive biogas technologies in the market, called the BioUrja. As of date today, more than a 100+ BioUrjas are driving organic waste processing while capturing clean biogas at Hotels, Technology Parks, Corporate Offices, Hospitals and Non-Profits across the Globe.


Promote the societal transition to sustainable green energy through the development of biofuel technology and delivery of biofuels.

Riding on its wave of success, GPSR then catapulted into an industrial scale biofuel infrastructure company by successfully constructing, commissioning, and operating one of Asia’s Largest BioCNG plants in Indore, in a record time of just 9 months. Today, GPS Renewables is India’s leading Full Stack Renewable Fuels company providing end-to-end solutions for the development, production, and distribution of green fuels with a focus on Biogas, BioCNG, Ethanol and Green Hydrogen, thus spearheading net zero economic development of the country.


To establish ourselves as a global leader in the sustainable biofuels industry, providing end-to-end solutions for the development, production and distribution of biofuels.

Board of Directors

V Subramanian

Chairman and Independent Director

Akshay Panth

Nominee Director

Suken Shah

Nominee Director

Ravi Narasimham

Nominee Director

Pratima Ram

Independent Director

Mainak Chakraborty

Executive Director and CEO

Sreekrishna Sankar

Executive Director and COO

Our Team

Mainak Chakraborty

Co-Founder and CEO

Sreekrishna Sankar

Co-Founder and COO

Praveen S.

Head, Engineering

Nipun OS

Chief Sustainability Officer

Mohit Gupta


Prabhunath Gupta

EVP, Business Development

Gomatam Ravi

EVP, Design, Engineering and R&D

Sankalp Pathak


Sumeet Lahane

EVP, Project Execution

Milind S. Patke


Rajesh Ayyappasur

SVP, BioUrja

Mohamedi Bharmal

SVP, Project Execution

Tilak Minocha

Chief Finance Controller

Arun Madhavan

Head, Technology

Hardik Lalani

Head, Procurement

Albert Joseph

Head, HR

Manoj M.

Head, OptiMaxx

Sumedh Rao

Head, Planning

Rukmani Kapoor

Chief of Staff

Scientific Advisors

Dr. Dilip Ranade

Advisor, Biofuels

Dr. Janardhan A. Gore

Advisor, Ethanol

Santanu Roy

Advisor, Green Hydrogen


Some of the biggest green funds have staked their capital that has enabled us to grow in the the sector of clean fuels.

Awards & Recognitions

Over the years, GPS Renewables has garnered numerous accolades and recognitions internationally for its pioneering work in the field of renewable energy and sustainability.

2013:  Cleantech Company of the Year

Mainak Chakraborty was named a Top Innovator under the age of 35 by MIT Technology Review. Additionally, he was honoured as one of India’s finest Social Entrepreneurs under the YoungTurks award, presented by CNBC TV-18.

2015: WWF Climate Solver Award

GPS Renewables received the prestigious Climate Solver award from WWF, recognizing our innovative solution. The BioUrja was further applauded for its clear potential to mitigate over 44 million tonnes of CO2 by the year 2024.

2017: Ashden Climate Solutions Award

GPS Renewables was awarded one of the most premier, internationally acclaimed Ashden Climate Solutions award for its exceptional technological innovation and contributions in the field of driving the use of green energy.

2018: Safaigiri Award by India Today

India Today presented the prestigious Safaigiri Award to GPS Renewables, as part of the Government’s Swacch Bharat Abhiyan campaign, acknowledging its efforts in championing cleanliness and environmental sustainability.

2019: Mission Innovation in Vancouver

GPS Renewables was selected as one of the top 100 global solutions by Mission Innovation’s ministerial meeting, held in Vancouver. The recognition highlights our innovative approach to addressing global energy challenges.

2020: APAC25 List by the CleanTech Group

We proudly secured our place in the esteemed APAC25 list, released annually by the CleanTech group, as one of the two Indian companies recognized for leadership and innovation in cleantech across the Asia Pacific region.