High Quality

Climate Infrastructure Owner

Through its subsidiary GPSR Arya, GPS Renewables also develops, owns and operates large-scale climate positive infrastructure with the objective of effecting decarbonization at scale.

Project Development Capabilities

Arya is led by a team of dedicated professionals with core expertise in end-to-end climate project development.

Project Development

Through GPSR Arya, GPS Renewables is incubating and developing its own unique climate positive infrastructure with the objective of solving for Net Zero.

Bamboo-based 2G Ethanol Plant in Mizoram

In partnership with the Government of Mizoram and on-ground collaborator and facilitator ZoGreen, GPSR Arya is incubating a mega scale 2G Ethanol project in the North-Eastern state of Mizoram involving the establishment of a state-of-the-art 100 Kilo Litre per Day (KLPD) 2G Ethanol production plant utilizing bamboo as feedstock.

Regenerative Circular Bioenergy System (RCBS)

In collaboration with Hasten Ventures, GPSR Arya is pioneering a unique concept called the Regenerative Circular Bioenergy System, which aims to establish a circular ecosystem combining agro-forestry and BioCNG. RCBS offers the dual benefit of providing green biofuel and at the same time capturing carbon from the atmosphere.

Industrial Decarbonization Projects

Backed by a strategic partnership with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank, GPSR Arya is conducting comprehensive feasibility studies with the objective of assessing the decarbonization potential in four key industrial clusters across India. The aim is to decarbonize potential industry clusters by setting up clean fuel infrastructure using biofuels.

Agri-Residue to Biofuels

To utilize the clean energy potential latent in agricultural waste; GPSR Arya is developing and incubating large-scale biofuel projects based on agricultural waste (agri-residue) with the objective of producing green fuels such as BioCNG from agricultural feedstock types including paddy straw and press mud cake, which can be digested to produce clean burning biofuels.

Biorefinery and Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

GPSR Arya is also en-route to establishing a biorefinery that would be used to convert biomass into a variety of bio-based products, including biofuels (such as ethanol or biodiesel) and biochemicals. Through this, Arya also aims to produce Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) which is an emerging pathway to decarbonize the aviation sector.