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Biofuel Technology

Technology across the biofuel life cycle is GPS Renewables’ strongest suit. Through sustained R&D investments backed by collaborations with premier research institutions, GPSR has developed a growing technology base spanning bioprocess design all the way till byproduct valorisation. Its in-house capabilities are further also augmented through strategic partnerships with global technology leaders in climate tech.

  • Bio-Process Design and Optimization
  • Biofuel Project Engineering
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Development
  • Technology Partnerships
  • The Climate Software Lab (CSL)

Bio-Process Design and Optimization

Backed by a decade of expertise in successfully delivering small and large-scale biofuel projects internationally, GPSR comes with significant expertise in bespoke bioprocess design and optimization solutions for a growing portfolio of feedstock such as Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), Source Separated Organics (SSO), Paddy Straw, Press Mud Cake, etc. GPSR provides the following range of services –

Waste Characterisation and Biogas Potential Assessment

We conduct end-to-end studies on project viability that include detailed compositions of waste types along with the biogas output potential from any given input.

Pre-Treatment Technologies

Today, we provide the industry’s most innovative and trusted technologies for pre-treatment systems which form one of the most critical components of a typical bio-process involved in generating biofuel.

Digestion Technologies

Our core expertise lies in identifying or developing biofuel technologies that facilitate effective and efficient digestion of organic biomass in order to produce high yields of clean fuel.

Downstream Processing

Our expertise extends all the way from the upstream, to the downstream of a typical biofuel plant including output management such as gas upgradation, storage as well as distribution,

Bio-Health Management

Our biofuel systems leverage the power of AI and IoT, which drives remote monitoring of the health of the biofuel plant. This in turn ensures timely intervention and maximum uptime of the system.

Biofuel Project Engineering

GPS Renewables’ offers a comprehensive suite of engineering solutions for the efficient functioning of biofuel plants, other than the bioprocess directly. This covers design, engineering and technology solutions for the balance aspects of any biofuel bio-process including BoP, output process flows and valorisation of byproducts among the many. GPSR provides the following range of services –

Balance of Plant (BoP) Engineering selection

Across any given type of clean fuel infrastructure, we come with quality capabilities in designing and engineering the balance of plant (BoP) components, covering any range of possible variables.

Output Storage and Distribution selection

Our biofuel knowledge and expertise covers the length and breadth of a typical biofuel value chain extending from input selection till output gas upgradation, storage and customized distribution.

Feedstock Specific Technology Selection

With in-depth knowledge in and network from the clean fuels industry today, we are skilled at identifying the most optimum technology systems for a given set of input and output variables.

Byproduct Valorisation

We also innovate in identifying and developing unique downstream solutions for all the different types of byproducts output from a biofuel system covering slurry and compost apart from gas.

Biorefining Process Integration

We are well-versed in identifying, developing and providing relevant technologies that facilitate biorefining which in turn help output a range of bio-chemicals with a host of sustainable use case.

Intellectual Property (IP) Development

GPSR Aavishkaar is GPS Renewables’ Research & Development arm focussed on bioenergy innovation. GPSR invests a considerable amount of time, money and effort in its R&D initiatives to develop cutting-edge technologies and bioprocesses that facilitate efficient biofuel production and distribution. Led by a dedicated team of accomplished scientists, GPSR has established strategic partnerships with some of the most renowned agricultural and biological research institutions of India, while we parallelly hold 4 patents in the modular biogas space today. GPSR has tied up with –


GPSR has established a joint BMP facility with KK Nag Pvt. Ltd. to evaluate the Bio-methanation Potential (BMP) of a variety of feedstock. The lab is being exclusively leveraged by GPSR to conduct BMP analysis for potential organic feedstock and to support the existing projects of GPSR by providing a substrate sample testing centre.

GPSR x Agharkar Research Institute (ARI), Pune

In collaboration with one of India’s premier institutions, ARI; GPSR is conducting breakthrough research with the objective of developing resource-efficient ‘Bio-based Pre-treatment Systems’ for BioCNG production. These systems are proposed to use anaerobic fungi for efficient breakdown of lignocellulosic biomass.

GPSR x Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU), Coimbatore

In partnership with TNAU, GPSR is driving research to identify hybrid crop varieties that consume much less water, energy and fertilizers but which provide higher biofuel yields. For instance, yield studies are being conducted to identify the potential of C4 and CAM plants as feedstock.

GPSR x Vasantdada Sugar Institute (VSI), Pune

In association with VSI, a leading sugar research institute; GPSR is driving research and development studies with the objective of developing resource-efficient biological pre-treatment systems to produce 2G ethanol in large-scale and cost-effective numbers.

Technology Partnerships

GPSR has also secured defining technology partnerships with some of the world’s leading, most recognized technology manufacturers in the field of biofuels and clean fuels; owing to which GPSR has exclusive sale rights for state-of-the-art bioenergy systems engineered and manufactured in India, Germany and Switzerland among other advanced countries. GPSR has partnerships with –

Snow Leopard Projects GmbH

As part of our partnership with leading German technology provider of agri-residue based biogas technologies – Snow Leopard Projects GmbH, we have the exclusive right to use SLP’s innovative biofuel systems in the Indian market.


We have a strategic partnership with the leader in cost-effective and industrial scale supply of hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen – HyGear, for Green Hydrogen technologies and for building of balance of plant for mega-scale Green Hydrogen projects

LanzaTech Inc.

We also have a strategic partnership with LanzaTech for 2G Ethanol technologies and overall project integration & execution of balance of plant infrastructure for a Bamboo-based 2G Ethanol project based in Mizoram, India.

The Climate Software Lab (CSL)

The Climate Software Lab (CSL) is GPSR’s Climate Technology arm comprising of AI scientists and technology experts who leverage AI, ML and Information Technology to create software solutions for climate adaptation and climate transformation. Additionally, the CSL team plays an integral role in digitizing our internal workflows, developing real time monitoring dashboards for operational KPIs, streamline project procurement, and managing our HSE performance. Each of these interventions are highly scalable and improve efficiency.

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