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Project Execution

GPS Renewables provides end-to-end project execution services, led by professionals with top-tier experience in the climate technology, oil & gas, design & engineering and EPC spaces.

Design & Engineering

Best-in-class Design & Engineering (D&E) capabilities which cover the entire value chain involved in a Biofuel infrastructure from high yielding feedstock selection till optimized gas output and distribution. We are skilled in identifying, designing and incorporating the most efficient bioprocess infrastructure backed by effective technologies that ensure optimum output.

Streamlined Procurement

Solid and inclusive procurement capabilities for industrial scale projects with strict focus on bottom line efficiency, driven by automation in order to improve the overall performance of supply chains. Our highly digitized supply chain systems ensure a lean process flow with the objective of reducing turnaround times, costs and other inefficiencies to fast track project execution.

Biofuel Project Management

Project Management capabilities which use real-time, integrated and digitized software for the management of large bioenergy projects from construction all the way to commissioning and operations & maintenance. Backed by an experienced project management team who have handled large-scale oil & gas projects, we ensure efficient management of projects.

Remote Plant Monitoring

Remote Plant Monitoring capabilities backed by high-tech systems that leverage AI and IoT (Internet of Things) to report a variety of leading performance indicators, KPIs on equipment status, and relevant process biochemical parameters to ensure maximum plant uptime. Remote monitoring capabilities reduce our monitoring costs largely, by ensuring timely interventions.

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