Operations and Maintenance

Proactive Maintenance A properly run anaerobic digestor needs minimal attention. Lack of maintenance processes and operational oversight has led to large number of biogas systems failing in the country. Biourja has been designed with an eye of ease of maintenance and minimal operational costs.


Ease of operations

BioUrja is easy to operate due to its elegant design. The feeding process can be either manual or automated, and is a quick affair due to the effective shredding and pumping process followed. Gas storage is automated and needs no intervention. Sludge disposal is made efficient through a dewatering process and the liquid effluent can be pumped into the STP.

Continuous Monitoring

Through the unique monitoring system, all BioUrjas are under constant assessment by the technical team enabling faster, quicker identification and resolution of issues. This keeps maintenance costs low and gives higher uptime for its customers.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance ensures that all preventive measures are taken to keep the mechanical, chemical and biological health of BioUrja at its best. Along with the standard preventive maintenance measures, micro and macro nutrient addition and biological culture addition ensures optimum productivity for the system.

Effective Training

Ultimately the success of the system lies in the operator’s hands. GPS Renewables enables effective operations through rigorous training for the client operators regarding the daily feeding process, preliminary maintenance activities and responses.  This effective handholding process ensures that our clients are fully aware of all aspects of the system.