Monitoring Methodology

Proprietary monitoring methodology : This defines the streamlined operations of Biourja. A mix of the latest in communication technologies and innovative engineering enables all the Biourja systems to be monitored remotely. This sets Biourja apart from other systems as the ability to diagnose early reduces operating costs for the clients, prevents breakdowns and ensures high system uptime.


Completely Automated Data Collection

A Programmable Logic Controller continuously collects the data regarding the various aspects of Biourja operation including temperature, pressure, gas flow rate, flaring and so on. A well-defined alert management system enables immediate intimation of any system issues, thereby tremendously enhancing the safety of the system. All data is stored in a central server for further evaluation and reporting. The bio-health checker provides additional health parameters including acidity, alkalinity, ammonia levels and pH.

Data Analysis

Cloud based data collection and analytics enables Biourja to be monitored remotely by the biochemical team who constantly keep track of the system’s health. This, coupled with the constant interactions with client operators, enables smooth functioning and higher uptime for Biourja systems.

Timely Intervention

Constant health monitoring reduces system breakdown events. Normally biogas plant failure is identified once the gas production stops. By this time, the pH of the system has dropped, completely destroying the methane producing population. Since BioUrjas are monitored based on more sophisticated and leading indicators like fatty acids, alkalinity buffer and ammonia levels, system breakdown is averted by timely intervention. Client operators are guided through the intervention steps to enable quick system recovery from any unstable condition.

Biochemical Enhancements

GPS Renewables has invested a lot of resources in system failure identification and recovery techniques. The patent pending Automated bio-health checker which tracks the biochemical health is one such tool. Micro-nutrient additives, macro-nutrient additives, alkalinity managing solutions all form a part of the biochemical arsenal used by the biochemical team.