Clean Energy Projects

Complete Spectrum Of Services

GPS Renewables provides turnkey solutions for mid to large sized clean energy projects in the biogas space for feedstock ranging from manure to municipal solid waste (>5 tons per day processing capacity). The projects division provides the complete spectrum of services ranging from design of the facility to distribution of the gas and is committed to helping clients find viable solutions to their waste management problems and energy needs. The gas produced by such large scale projects can be purified and bottled for sale or converted into electricity for client’s captive needs or supplying to the grid.


Waste Processing Facility Design

While the contemporary approach to even sophisticated waste processing facilities worldwide has been to stress on the practical and engineering necessities, the Indian situation throws up an additional and bigger challenge: the inevitability of its future processing facilities being in the middle of its cities and co-existing with inhabitants, communities and business districts.

Waste management in Indian cities needs a decentralized approach as this enables higher and better waste segregation. This also throws up the challenge for a complete re-design of waste management and processing facilities. A bespoke design tailored to the needs of the Indian urban waste scenario is essential and hence it cannot be a simple case of replicating successful designs adopted in Europe or a re-hash of a successful model facility elsewhere. GPS Renewables provides the technical and engineering capabilities for customers to have a modern waste management facility design.


Large Scale Municipal Solid Waste Projects

GPS Renewables works with both governmental and non-governmental organizations to design and implement such municipal waste processing facilities based on our proprietary BioUrja technology. Through our in-house team of experts and network of partners, GPS possesses the ability to design and implement integrated waste management solutions to help our Clients achieve a ZERO WASTE status, right from waste procurement, segregation, pre-processing, anaerobic digestion, bottling of gas and distribution, power generation and fertilizer distribution.


Special Feedstock Projects

There are several feedstock that are relatively unexplored or underexplored for biomethanation potential. GPS offers services aimed at assessing the technical as well as financial viability of anaerobic digestion through running live demo projects. Such feedstock could include certain types of agricultural waste, sea weeds, wheat bran, pharma effluent.

Once the viability is assessed by our experts, GPS’s in-house team of engineers carry out conceptual design followed by detailed engineering design of the facility required. The design is carried out to international standards and within the strict constraints or conditions placed by the client for setting up the project and usage of the energy produced from the project as per requirements.