Biourja – Modular Biogas Solution

Biourja Waste to Energy Suite  The GPS Biourja system is a high rate dry anaerobic digestion system. It digests biowaste and produces clean bioCNG (biogas which contains high percentage of methane). The gas can be directly used for cooking and thermal applications. It can also be used with a gas engine for power generation. The post digested liquid is used as a fertilizer.


Superior Technology

BioUrja is a high rate dry anaerobic digestion system. Our system is 3 times faster and twice as efficient as any other BioCNG system. High speed digestion matters because the more quickly the system produces gas, the more gas is generated per day in turn increasing the client’s savings.


Odorless , Plug and Play System

BioUrja can co-exist in any urban location with its space conscious design. As a testament to its claim, clients have installed a BioUrja system in their car park, with minor civil modifications. Furthermore, installation time is minimized as the BioUrja system comes pre-fitted with all the components. As a result, the smooth and quick setup causes zero disruption to your kitchen operations.


State of the Art Diagnostics

All BioUrja systems function 24 x 7 and deliver peak performance consistently. GPS’ Remote Monitoring System (RMS), which tracks operational parameters including the health of the anaerobic reactor, enables BioUrja’s seamless productivity. The data, transmitted to GPS’ servers, is analyzed by the operations team to identify any issues and rectify them immediately.


Complete Solution Suite

Unlike traditional solutions, the BioUrja suite is a complete solution consisting of an input system with shredders, a gas storage system, and a sludge de-watering system. Moreover, GPS’ customer-centric approach ensures a hassle-free transition by providing gas piping to the kitchen along with customized burners. Unlike traditional units, BioUrja’s integrated design focuses on creating a great kitchen experience whilst efficiently converting your waste into a clean energy source.